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Main sale is Finished

Main sale on PAUSE

Cap rised during presale

Cap raised

7.92 ETH

Tokens sold

792000 SHC



ICO Stage 1

Cap raised


Tokens sold




Tokens price

To implement our goals, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue Smart Health Care tokens on the public blockchain called Etherium.
The tokens called Smart Health Care tokens (SHC) will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO. The price of tokens can be found in table below:

# Stage Amount Price ()
1 ICO Stage 1 54,000,000 SHC 0,25 ETH per 1000 SHC
2 ICO Stage 2 60,000,000 SHC 0,35 ETH per 1000 SHC
3 ICO Stage 3 60,000,000 SHC 0,47 ETH per 1000 SHC
4 ICO Stage 4 60,000,000 SHC 0,6 ETH per 1000 SHC

Discover our ideas

Our team has performed different e-Health projects and now we know what is important.

Hospitals involved

Involving hospitals we get person's data of illness period that is essential to prevent the disease.

Laboratory is important

Integration of laboratory system and analysers creates a trustable data that can be used in predictive analytics

Value and process are important

We assume that there are different data standards in the world and instead of inventing another one we focus on the process that is a key for extracting value from the data.

Remove the borders

Health data is located in your smart phone, smart watch, pc, etc. We support all of IoT related devices and more of that use this data in the integration process

Personalized guidelines

Every person is unique. We believe that to improve health and prevent diseases personalized guidelines should be used.

We sum up the most important details about our project in one simple video


This is a list of stages we would like to achieve

Prototype to alpha version

Existing prototype is not ready for public usage yet.
We will present first alpha version which is audited, secured and scalable.

Basic AI decision support

We integrate all data collected on the previous step with decision support system powered by AI.
Basic smart contracts for health monitoring will be available on this stage.

Platform for health advisors

Person can share data with health advisors (fitness coaches, dietologists, etc) who can create personalized smart contracts.

Platform for individual doctors

Professional doctors get access to person's data and can provide professional personalized guidelines powered and maintained by smart contracts.

Our really ambition steps

Data exchange platform

Individual persons can share specific data to researchers, medical companies and other interested parties to get profit.
From the other side companies can find and ask data from individuals.
Data exchange powered by AI based on existing smart contracts.

Integration with Scandinavian and Baltic clinics

We will try to reach an agreement with biggest clinics in the region and setup data exchange

Europe countries

Backed by experience of integration with Scandinavian and Baltic clinics we will try to expand our network

American & Asian regions

Based on previous experience we will try to expand world wide

Our Team

We are the professional in e-Health and Software Engineering

Andrei Sviridenko

Lead Software Architect

Aleksandr Kormiltsyn

Scientific researcher

Ignas NIkolajev

Lead e-Health specialist

Vadim Nesmashnov

Lead backend specialist

Philip Sorin

Lead UI specialist

Ekaterina Iakovenkova

UI/UX specialist / Graphical designer

Jelena Ljalik

Quality assurance specialist


Peoples that helps us to succeed

Dmitri Nogin

CEO, Co-founder of emphy.io

Irina Kljukas

Chief pharmacist with 10+ years of expirience

Kalev Karu

Chairman of the Board at Medicum Ltd - the biggest Estonian ambulatory clinic

Sinan Belhawi

CEO of medicalbooking.nl

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask.